Privacy Policy

Personal data collection and storage, as well as how the data is used

We collect information and data from our customers, such as personal information that we save to better our services or information that is submitted to us when creating a new account.

Personal information is only collected after our customers have properly signed in to our site as registered users. Customer information also falls under the category of different interactions that they had while browsing different pages, categories, or products. Customer information is not just limited to their searching activities but also focuses around their ordering process with the objective of identifying any type of issues which our customer faces during the whole process. The information is then used to provide the most effective services and experiences that our consumers expect for the money they are spending on a pleasant encounter.

Customers’ data is acquired in a variety of contexts linked to the analysis component, such as IP addresses, operating systems, browser information, and the place and time of logging from a certain region. To establish a robust defence wall for securing our customers’ personal and sensitive information, all of this information is encrypted and only authorised people have access to it.

The data gathering procedure is tied to the user’s various activities that are directly linked to the email address that was used to sign up. Information is also gathered through interactions that take place on various devices such as cellphones, desktops, and tablets.

We collect information about our customers based on their interactions with personal information such as their name, phone number, credit card information, home address, purchase history, product search history, and preference for specific products over others. All of this data enables us to provide the best effective experience possible, which is essential for maintaining a good relationship with our customers.

The Purpose of Data Collection and Its Usage

The primary goal of collecting personal information from clients is to identify the concerns and challenges that they are encountering.

The identification of difficulties allows us to apply new approaches to give the best services possible, which is critical for attaining the goal of exceeding our customers’ expectations for a better experience for the money they spend.

The information gathered also aids in the development of a more user-friendly website and the development of the quickest approach to complete our customer’s overall ordering process.

Data gathering is also required so that we can keep track of our clients’ orders and provide them with updates on the status of their orders. Data collection also improves our customer service by allowing us to directly contact with our customers to answer any questions they may have and to handle complaints they may have about the items or services available on our website.

The objective of collecting consumer personal information is directly related to the aspect of delivering the correct goods to the customer with an accurate address that they supply to us when ordering any item on our website.

Sharing with a third party

We absolutely adhere to our policy of not selling or disclosing personal information about our customers with any third parties. The exception is the consent that is required by law in order to improve the services factor in order to provide our clients with the greatest experience possible.

Within the confines of the law, we reserve the right to release information in response to requests from law enforcement institutes or agencies.

Retaining and Securing

Our website keeps customer information for a set amount of time, which is set according to a reasonable framework that complies with the law.

The technique of keeping customer personal and sensitive information in an encrypted format with permitted access is used to ensure security and confidentiality.

Secure socket layer technology, or SSL, is used to protect critical credentials such as credit card information. SSL is a widely accepted method of storing and securing information.

Customer’ Rights

Our customers’ rights pertain to seeking access to or changes to their personal information. You can make the request by contacting our customer service department directly. The request is handled according to the processes outlined in our customer privacy policy.

The client also has the right to withdraw their agreement to the collection of their information for the above-mentioned terms at any time.

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