Louis Vuitton BUMBAG Monogram



Louis Vuitton BumBag Monogram is a classic monogram-coated canvas Bumbag trimmed with cowhide leather and has golden colour metallic pieces. LV has transformed sportswear into an uber-functional Bumbag that you can wear as a belt bag, cross-body or over the shoulder. Just as it suits your style and wardrobe. The bag has one main compartment with a double zip to keep big items including sunglasses, wallet, and phone and still you can have room for a few lip glosses. one back zipped pocket is perfect to keep paper notes or receipts. Most People have the misconception about Bumbags that they are just for fashion. Louis Vuitton has proved with its BumBag Monogram that this small-looking bag can be as functional as any other bag style.

LV BumBag Monogram is a Must-have bag for busy women.

LV BumBag Monogram has been proven to be the best-selling LV item since 2018. The adjustable strap made the product popular at the time when belt bags were rolling around the market. The product has still managed its fame with its Quality and is highly preferable by modern women. soo much so that LV has to keep restocking it for its customers. The design, quality and versatility make it a Must-have luxurious bag. It has space for your everyday basic item and has an attention-grabbing image to stylize with your everyday wardrobe. Specifically, mothers who travel with toddlers and women athletes who cannot afford to struggle with basic handbags. LV BumBag Monogram is a perfect solution for such busy women.

37 x 14 x 13 cm
( Depth x Height x Width)


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