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Tote Neverfull MM combines timeless design with heritage details. Sleek in Damier Ebene canvas with natural calfskin trim, spacious but not bulky, with side laces that join together for an elegant look or loosen up for a casual look. The slim, comfortable handle slides easily over the shoulder or arm. Lined with colorful textiles, it has a removable pocket that can be used as a clutch or an additional bag.

Damier canvas was created by Louis Vuitton before the monogram version in 1888 to give its creations an identity and protect them from copying. ‘Damier’ means ‘checkerboard’ in French, which aptly explains the checkered pattern the brand uses to design many of its bags and pants. In 1998, Damier canvas was reintroduced in “ebony”, a neutral brown. Damier Ebene uses a black coated canvas sole with a double-gloss brown plaid print and features the “Louis Vuitton Paris” logo detailed in some of its squares.


1. It can support up to 200 lbs. Now I can’t carry 200 pounds, but at least I know I can load the bag without worry. I spoke to a Louis Vuitton executive at their San Diego store opening a few months ago, and he explained to me that they put the bag through some serious stress testing to get the bag out. out that number.

2. It holds my bulky laptop, DSLR, iPad, and other random stuff with room to spare and shows no signs of stress. From the outside, it still looks classy despite a bunch of clumsiness lurking inside.

3. Although there is a roof, everything does not spill out as I had imagined. Of course, if you change it, your stuff will fly all over the place.

4. It fits under airplane seats or in overhead compartments. Close the gold buckle, tighten the sides and insert at the bottom first to prevent objects from falling off.

5. I was convinced of the durability of Louis Vuitton fabrics. The oldest and most beloved member of my LV collection is a 12-year-old backpack. He carries a ridiculous amount of trash, gets pushed and thrown in random places, and lives on three continents with me. He always looks great. The bottom line is that I can carry all my stuff, feel less awkward, and look good doing it.


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