Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram



The supple LV Monogram canvas trimmed with natural cowhide is a roomy and iconic piece of the LV Neverfull Tote bag. The side laces can be loosened for a casual look or cinched for elegant charm. It is a bag that provides wide spaces to keep whatever you want with you and look effortlessly classy. You can easily carry it on your shoulder with comfortable slim handles. The bag opens up with wide space and has one flat inside pocket with a zip to keep small things from getting lost in there. It is a perfect tote bag for travelling. The complimentary removable pouch can be used as a clutch or extra mini pocket, which enables you to organize small things. The name of the bag makes more sense when you put your folded jacket, iPad, Kindle, phone, snacks or other essentials. But it is never full. The bag’s outer look is such an impostor that you won’t believe its inside space could be soo wide. The bag has gained massive fame due to its functional aspects and iconic style and is now among the well-known bag of Louis Vuitton.


Neverfull Tote was first introduced in 2007 and became an instant classic (and one of the house’s most successful silhouettes) thanks to its simple design and durability. impressive. Thanks to the creation of Louis Vuitton, the bag continues to be available in a multitude of colours and leathers, each iteration creating even more exciting than the last and allowing customers to choose from a print or colour scheme. more in line with their style.


  • Measurements: 17.2” L x 7.9″ W x 11.2″ H


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