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when did LOUIS VUITTON ONTHEGO come out

Tote OnTheGo was first released in 2019 in GM format. In February 2020, Louis Vuitton released the MM (medium size) print tote. The latest addition to the Onthego family is the PM size, which is the smallest to be released in 2021.

Although the Onthego is a newer bag, it looks like a classic Louis Vuitton bag and is actually part of their enduring collection. This means it is released each season in a variety of colors and variations. It is currently available in monogram canvas which has 4 different types of monograms: giant LV monograms, giant inverted monograms and smaller-than-normal size monograms, and small inverted monograms on the sides of the OTG tote.


 On the Go Tote is offered in canvas and imprinted leather. However, there are seasonal options for textiles, denim, and even nylon. Canvas material seems to be the most durable, lightest and cheapest option. Onthego leather is also a very popular choice, and for PM sizes this is the only option available.


Onthego shopping bags come in 3 different sizes, from largest to smallest: GM (Large Model), MM (Medium Model) and PM (Small Model).



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