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Louis Vuitton Wide Waist Belt with LV, the most recognisable Logo enriched with Pearl effect studs and scalloped trims, placed on a smooth belt, made top onto the wishlist of every woman. Perfectly sized Louis Vuitton belt can be worn as a hip or waist belt. It allows you to adjust to the body shape. LV has introduced varieties of the designer belt for women. Which are not only chic but highly versatile.

The buckle is of approx 2.99″ W x 2.32″ H sized. The LV belt is one of the most popular designer pieces of the Brand. The belt’s quality and durability are worth the money spent on it.

Louis Vuitton Wide Waist Belt is a perfect solution for all Unfit jeans.

Buying jeans that perfectly fit can be frustrating because most jeans are not customized per your body. Therefore, Louis Vuitton Wide Waist Belt is a perfect investment that makes it easy for you to adjust any pants or jeans. So go shop for any jeans you like in the market and the LV belt will make them fit perfectly. Louis Vuitton makes a great pair with different kinds of jeans including mom, bootcut, low-rise, or wide-leg jeans. If you are someone who constantly wears jeans and invests in belts more often, then purchase a quality belt that is not only long-lasting but has a unique style. And what’s better than LV Wide Waist Belt? Spruce up yourself daily with comfort and style. LV belts are your way forward with plenty of benefits and practicality.

Buckle: 2.99″W x 2.32″H approx


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